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To support the Free Motion Quilting Project, we set up a small online quilt shop at www.LeahDay.com to carry all the tools, materials, and supplies needed for free motion quilting on a home sewing machine.

Here's just a few items offered in the Quilt Shop:

365 Free Motion Quilting Designs - This is THE book of all 365 designs shared on the project between 2009 and 2011!  Find each design illustrated in a clear, high quality photo with the name and number of the design so you can easily look up the original tutorial here on the project.  This is a wonderful companion to keep close to your sewing machine so you can easily flip through and pick designs to use in your quilts.

Ultimate Quilting Kit - This is a special kit of the 3 most helpful tools for free motion quilting on a home sewing machine: Supreme Sliders, Machingers Quilting Gloves, and Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers.  I honestly can't free motion quilt very well without these tools and have recommended them since day #1 of the project.  Click Here to learn more. 

Beginner Combo Kit - This is a combo kit of our beginner level book, From Daisy to Paisley, and the beginner level DVD.  This spiral bound mini book features 50 beginner designs and is the perfect size to keep next to your sewing machine as a handy reference for the designs.  This DVD teaches you how to stitch out 30 designs from the book so you have a visual aid off the computer.  Click Here to Learn More.

Fun Combo Kit - This is a super fun combo kit of the book Free Motion Quilting From Feathers to Flames and the DVD Free Motion Quilting From Flames to Feathers. The spiral bound mini book features 50 fun designs from the project for all skill levels and the DVD teaches you how to quilt 33 designs in a real quilt! Click Here to Learn More.

Isacord Polyester Thread - This thread is amazing!  It's thin, yet super strong, which means it can handle some serious abuse that free motion quilting dishes out.  You can not only travel stitch multiple times with this awesome thread, you can also afford to quilt all your quilts with it!  A single cone of 1000 meters costs just $6, which is a great bargain when you consider just how much thread it will take to quilt a large quilt.  Click Here to learn more.

Find many other supplies for free motion quilting in our Online Quilt Shop.
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